The Breakthrough you have been wishing for…

As executive female leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs and heart led women with dreams, we can often find ourselves in new chapters, new places and changing seasons that require us to upgrade, transform, and reach a new level of breakthrough. Whether it be on our health, relationships, energy, motivation, business, finances, purpose, success, happiness, and our general meaning in life. 

“ For things to change, I need to change. 

For things to get better, I need to get better.”

-Tony Robbins



That woman with dreams, perhaps suffocating in emotional habits that continue to make you feel powerless to make any kind of long lasting change in one or more areas of your life, (some of which will be causing you deep pain & a lack of fulfilment). 

Living in the shadows of your potential, and a life that is less than the one you know you are so capable of creating – A life of reaching your potential and greatest level of happiness. 



Desperately wanting a life that reflects FREEDOM, PURPOSE & MEANING however that looks like for you. 

Exhausted as you continue to experience the same negative thoughts, emotions, experiences and results despite your good intentions and desperate desire to create your dreams and reach your goals.




Doubting your worth, lacking confidence and belief in yourself, and feeling disempowered in areas of your life that have meaning.  Often paralysed with the constant fear of nothing changing and carrying that soul destroying pain of knowing deep down you are capable of so much more. 



For your tenacity to keep going, despite your past failures and current reality which may feel so far away from the women you want to become and the life you want to create.

For being here, trusting that you are in the right place to support you in closing the gap from where you are to where you truly want to be. 



To feel on purpose, to reach your potential (in the areas of life that matter most), to achieve freedom and the highest height of abundance – financially, spiritually, physically, energetically and emotionally. To feel connected, to contribute, to be enriched by the lives of others and equally enrich the lives of those around you, to feel happy, healthy, confident, vibrant, successful, and be living your version of EXTRAORDINARY. 



I will challenge you for change – because it’s only then we can create lasting results. 

I will invest in your success as much as you invest in your success. 

I will ensure you remember your worth, empowered in the knowledge that YOU can do anything so that you can finally believe in YOU and your dreams again!

I will support you to cultivate clarity, strategy, and success whilst overcoming your fears, blocks and habitual emotions that have been keeping you trapped in the same repeating negative patterns of behavior and thoughts. 

I will leverage science backed intervention strategies to ensure you consistently grow to create long- lasting results.

I will bring the magic of energetics, alignment, and self mastery so that you can step into the very best, most aligned version of you!

Once you Master YOU – you become a Master of your life! 

This is BESPOKE, because everyone’s dreams, desires and breakthrough requirements are unique! 

 I look forward to being your guiding light to wherever your path may lead. 

May all that you dream of be the least that you receive. 

Love & Glow, 

Lucy x

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Transformational Speaker, Rapid Breakthrough Strategist and Accredited Master Coach & Trainer (IAPC&M), 5x Best Selling Author, NLP Practitioner, Theta Healer, Hypnotherapist, Co-Founder of the Global Elite Directory, Intentional Living Magazine, Glow Society™ &  the ‘There She Glows’ Collaboration Books.

Lucy is a highly sought-after expert in her field who has inspired thousands through the work that she does internationally. She is also the Co-founder of the Global Elite Directory, Intentional Living Magazine and Glow Society.

Her expertise lies in the field of Transformation, Self-Mastery, Energetics and Results Coaching and through her Strategic Interventions she is able to radically change lives. Lucy has created workshops, retreats, 1:1 coaching intensives, group coaching, a society for women (Glow Society), and programs that continue to touch the lives of those around the world.

Lucy is an inspiring, compassionate, dynamic, and influential Speaker and Coach and has a unique approach, especially in how she can make her clients and audiences feel, which leads to proven, profound, and long-lasting change and transformation. She is passionate about supporting individuals to step into their highest purpose, potential, and dreams whilst overcoming their fears, and psychological and emotional challenges so that they can ultimately break through, create quantifiable results and live their version of extraordinary.

Lucy is also the co-founder and headhunter of the most elite and prestigious directory, The Global Elite Directory, that connects thought leaders, leading brands, luxury destinations, experts and organisations from across the world so that those who desire and deserve to live a more mindful intentional lifestyle can be connected with the most elite people and places. 

Inspiring Change. Creating Freedom. Living Your Potential.

"Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow. Not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all knew of her light."

-Nikki Rowe


I will be forever grateful that Lucy came into my life. When I met Lucy I knew instantly that I wanted to work with her. It was clear that she was a heart-led leader who embodies what she teaches. She has this beautiful energy that makes you want to be in her presence and she helps you to feel more connected to who you truly are and what you are truly capable of achieving with your life. Before working with Lucy I was easily stressed out, I expected so very much of myself, was constantly doing and didn’t know how to stop and simply ‘be’. I’d lost sight of my vision and I’d lost my connection with my intuition and as a result I constantly doubted myself. In our time working together I learned to trust myself again, I learned to follow what feels good in business and in life and I learned to be kinder and more compassionate towards myself. Working with Lucy has done wonders for my confidence, for helping me to overcome procrastination for helping me to take ‘messy action’ and follow my heart and recognise that we are always learning – we can’t expect to get everything right the first time. Lucy has been a sounding board for my ideas and the challenges and obstacles I have faced and she supported me in gaining clarity and seeing these differently. She has also been my biggest cheerleader, always believing in what is possible for me, even when I didn’t believe in it for myself. If you’re considering working with Lucy then all I can say is trust yourself, if it feels good, if it feels exciting and expansive, then take the leap. You will not regret it!


It was the very best decision to invest in myself and work with Lucy. Her energy brings about so much calm, clarity, compassion and hope that before working with Lucy I felt I had lost in myself and my life. I found myself out of balance regularly, desperately wanting to feel aligned in the most important areas of my life. I struggled to ever be fully present with who and what mattered most in my world with my mind constantly moving to my ‘to-do’ list. Despite everything I had achieved in my life and career I was doubting my worth without wanting the world to know. The constant ‘doing’ was impacting my health and leading me into destructive habits that I knew would eventually catch up with me if I didn’t make the neccessary changes now. I had a vision to continue up my success path but knew I needed to refill my cup first if I was ever going to be able to maintain the success I was working towards. Before working with Lucy I knew I wanted to FEEL better so I could enjoy life and success in the way that it was meant to. Spending time with Lucy enabled me to believe in myself and my dreams once more with the action steps to take me there. The relationship with myself and those closest to me have been transformed in such a positive way. I was craving deep and meaningful relationships and Lucy is someone that when she enters your life, you never want her to leave. She truly is sunshine and someone I hope to know forever more. Thank you darling Lucy. You truly are magic in all that you do with your Energy and Alignment work but more importantly just by being YOU. 

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Success is as much about your Inner Glow as your Outer Success & I promise you get to have it all.